Isometric Transformations (2004)

Since there aren’t many good tutorials online for creating isometric games, I encountered many problems while making my isometric game.

I’d like to share some tips and tricks that I learned, and I hope that they will be inspiring to other Flash developers such as yourself.

These tutorials are all about isometry, or, more specifically, about creating a “filmation” isometric game similar to Knight Lore.

Note: These tutorials can be used for programming an isometric game in many programming languages not just in Flash. They are more about game programming than about Flash programming.

The tutorials are published as two-parts series on site:

1. Isometric Transformations

2. Isometric Hit-Testing

Download articles and source files

Additionally, here’s the Jon Ritman’s Isometric Tutorial which you might find useful if wondering what were the methods for making the Filmation games working back in the eighties.