I’m famous for paying my taxes

A number of people asked me about this tax thing.

Even more people asked me for a tax advice. 🙂

What happened is that I had to pay income taxes in Croatia while I was already living and working in Ireland. This was due to my family staying there for a few months after I left (due to our newborn).

I (voluntarily) reported to Croatian tax authority that I’m abroad, with family still in Croatia. Most people would not bother, but I obey the law.

At one point this tax became a hot topic in Croatia. The state needed more money, so they decided to send letters to addresses of people presumably living abroad, hoping they would report back and pay some money. A lot of people panicked because the lack of information. It seems I was the only guy paying this tax, so I was answering people’s questions on Facebook. I was approached by the journalist wanting to write about this. She asked me would I mind if she interviews me and writes the article using my real name. Why not? I pay my taxes. The only condition was about me authorising the article.

In the article, I emphasised the problem of Croatian exodus to foreign countries, which is directly related to this law (motivating people to move their complete family abroad ASAP, never to return).

First few versions of the article that journalist sent over were so dramatic that I insisted in cutting off the drama. After few iterations the article became bearable, so I authorised it. However, I made a huge mistake: I didn’t insist in authorising the title.

The rest is history. The article hit the newspapers and the internet with screaming titles.

UNFAIR. DRAMATIC. SCANDALOUS. But not quite my words.