Firefly: Amazon Now Owns Supermarkets

So, you thought QR code shopping is cool?

Well, you haven’t seen anything yet!

QR code shopping

QR code shopping

A very hot phone

Few days ago Amazon launched their first smartphone called Fire Phone.

Here is how it looks like:

Fire Phone

Fire Phone


Fire Phone brings a bunch of innovations.

It’s a very user friendly phone. It’s built using the high quality materials.

Based on its 4-camera tracking system, it rebuilds the screen depending of user’s position.

Though having a familiar touch user interface, it uses additional and yet unseen interaction gestures.

However, there’s a single feature that impressed me the most – it’s called “Firefly”.


Firefly is a groundbreaking system: it removes the gap between virtual and physical.

Using Firefly – everything is just a click away.

Firefly logo

Firefly logo

You are supposed to use it just like you would use a QR code reader.

But here’s a twist: you can scan practically everything!

Yes, you could scan real world objects: book covers, CDs, food… – all the recognizable items (the number of which is growing daily).

Everything about the scanned item pops out instantly – and you could buy the same item from Amazon by just clicking a button.

Fireflying everything

If living in the USA, I could imagine myself walking through a supermarket and fireflying everything.

The Amazon price would then pop-up instantly, showing the same item but for a better price.

For me, the 10-20% better price is a win, so I’d surely put the item in the “other” cart – Amazon’s.

I’m not an impulsive buyer, so I could wait for 2 days to get the stuff delivered to my door (I’m in no hurry).

Free delivery

This phone comes with 1 year of Amazon Prime – a service that costs $99 and guarantees free 2 day delivery in the USA.

Prime also gives access to access to movies (free streaming), music and Kindle books.

Anyway, when having this phone – Prime pays itself out in a week.

Oh, did I mention that you get 12 months of Amazon Prime for free when buying the phone?

Shopping in the USA

Last month I visited the USA and went (a bit) shopping.

In fact, I already made plans for what I’d like to buy (well, everybody wants presents).

To my surprise, prices in supermarkets were considerably higher than those I’ve been looking at on Amazon site.

For instance, Kenzo parfume costs 86.38 USD in supermarket, but only 36.05 USD at Amazon.

L'eau Par Kenzo 3.4 oz  (Amazon) = 36.05 USD

L’eau Par Kenzo 3.4 oz (Amazon) = 36.05 USD

Same story with other items – for instance for same 86 USD on Amazon you get double the size of Fahrenheit (6.8 oz instead of 3.4 oz):

As I already said – I’m never in such a hurry that I couldn’t wait for 2 days to get the stuff delivered to my door by Amazon.

The only stuff I probably couldn’t wait for (or Amazon doesn’t sell) is food. Every other type of products (clothes, music, movies, books…) I’d surely buy from Amazon.

Expect the “No Firefly” signs

So you thought that Google Glass is the most hated gadget? Think again!

Supermarkets surely wouldn’t like to become a QR-code-type-of virtual shops – they’ll strike back.

So, expect the “No Firefly” signs soon.

Expect no-WiFi zones and cell phone jammers.


Although Amazon sells the phone, they’d be in no loss even when giving it away for free.

Moreover, they should pay people for carrying the Amazon phone around, because they are actually carrying the Amazon store in their pocket.