I am a front end developer, living in Dublin, Ireland.

I’m heavily involved with ReactJS, which is my framework of choice for years to come. You can check out my GitHub page for some of my React projects.

I work for Zalando, delivering great user interfaces using the Open Source First principles and Radical Agility.

I previously worked for Amazon Data Services (AWS) as a Web Development Engineer, improving CloudWatch user interfaces and making them beautiful.

Before that, I worked for RealNetworks as a Senior Software Development Engineer, building the Realtimes app for Xbox One (using WinJS).

In the past, I’ve built a number of RIA and SPA applications. Some of the technologies I’ve been using include HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Flex, Unity3d and .NET/C#.

I’m a UX developer (DevUX) with an eye for detail. I’m out-of-the-box thinker, often helping to find the not so obvious solutions to the problem.

I’m also the author of eDriven.Gui (GUI framework for Unity3d game engine), and eDriven (event-driven framework for Unity3d).

You could find some of the old stuff here (my previous projects and experiments).

Read more about me in my resume.