Farewell, Amazon

Today marks my last day at Amazon AWS.

It has been an AMAZing experience: I’ve worked on a number of interesting (and impactful) projects, where I learned a lot about dealing with things at a great scale.

I’d like to thank all of my colleagues / collaborators around the world, especially a bunch of smart people at Dublin office.

As for my next position, I accepted the offer from one of the hottest Dublin startups, where I’ll further specialise as Front-End/UI/UX developer.

I’m famous for paying my taxes

A number of people asked me about this tax thing.

Even more people asked me for a tax advice. 🙂

What happened is that I had to pay income taxes in Croatia while I was already living and working in Ireland. This was due to my family staying there for a few months after I left (due to our newborn).

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Great year at RealNetworks

It is already a year since I work for RealNetworks.

This is clearly the best time of my professional career: getting in touch with all the technology, and also great and smart people (both sides of the Atlantic). Continue reading